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Be Bright, Turn to Solar Power!

When you install solar, you’re generating your own energy instead of renting it from the grid.  As far as we know, no one owns the sun just yet.


Integrated Solar will help you cut your energy bills by tailoring a solution to suit your lifestyle and budget while giving you a cleaner alternative to power your home.

Why should you choose Integrated?

There is a reason why so many homeowners and businesses went with us in the first place.  They tend to have great things to say about us!

“I love having solar in my home. I love watching the meter spin backward because I know I am saving money.  Integrated Solar made it extremely easy.  The installation was done professionally and quickly.  I would recommend Integrated Solar to anyone.”

Dale Erling
Google Business Review

Residential and Commerical Installations

Whether you own a home or business, as a certified Utah Solar specialist, we’ll maximize the efficiency of your (warning big word) photovoltaic system by using the best solar equipment from top-rated manufacturers to meet your specific needs, and our uncompromising service means that if an issue ever arises you won’t be left in the dark.

  • Pre-installation

    Designing and engineering, comprehensive proposal, feasibility, and cost.  Plus contract signing, procurement, and installation scheduling.

  • Installation of your Solar System

    Providing only the highest quality equipment and installation available to ensure that your investment reaches its highest potential.  We provide expert in-house design, permitting, installation and utility interconnection.

  • Post-Installation

    Final city and utility inspection and assistance with rebate paperwork.  We’ll train you how to use and monitor your system so that you can save the most money possible.

Want to learn all about the benefits of Solar and how it works?  Watch More Videos


Highest quality & most affordable equipment

Integrated Solar Solutions only uses top-of-the-line solar panels, inverters and racking systems on your home or business.

25-year warranties on all equipment supplied by Integrated Solar Solutions.  Installations by technicians trained by the solar industry’s gold standard for training.  Unmatched customer service.

Solar energy, the smart way to power your home



Discover Solar Education

These are just a few of the latest articles & videos, as well as training materials that we have in our solar education arsenal.  Start with these 3 and feel free to poke around.

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Solar Installer

There has been a renewable energy boom in the United States.  Solar panels have become more affordable and easy to obtain incentives.  Here are the top 8 reason why you would want to give us a call to install your solar.

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Suprise! It’s possible to pay for Solar!

Once you’ve decided you want to go solar and join the special club, the next question is “How will I pay for my solar power system?”  Would it surprise you to learn that we at Integrated Solar Solutions have perfect financing options for going solar?

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Solar Energy in Utah is Surging in Popularity

As energy costs and consumption continue to rise, it’s no wonder more Utah residents are investing in their own power and solaring (is that a word?).  Over the past 5 years, the cost to install solar has decreased by 60 percent.

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Invest in cleaner energy, future generations will thank you for it.

Solar is not just about saving money…there’s so much more at stake.  Join your neighbors in going solar to make Utah a cleaner more breathable state.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of Solar?

In the last few years, solar has decreased in cost almost 60%.  The cost of a solar system for your home depends on the size of the system, the cost of equipment installed, and your ability to take advantage of government tax invectives.

How much solar do I need to replace my power bill?

Integrated Solar Solutions will analyze your power bill, evaluate your home or business, and design a solar system to ensure your investment reaches its greatest potential. Get a FREE Solar Analysis by Clicking Here.

How will snow affect my solar system’s performance?

Snow can decrease power production while it is on your panels.  However, snow will shed off your panels faster than it will fall off your roof, allow your system to return to its full potential.

Will my system still generate power during a blackout?

Solar systems that are connected to an electrical grid are required by utility regulations to shut off during blackouts. To remedy this, it is recommended to have a battery backup or generators installed.